Saturday 24 February 2018

Ski Haiku

We woke up to the most beautiful winter scene this morning. It took some hunting, but I dug out my cross country skis and was inspired by these Haiku winners at the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver to try a winter Haiku.

Swish trickle quiet
Frozen puffy snowy pond
Sliding over seams

Sapphire light frozen
Cutting down a winter lane
Frosting on cedars

Sweet morning snowdrops
Slicing down island lanes
Bliss frosty morning



  1. Wish I was there. How beautiful. A magic fairy land!
    My favorite Haiku lately has been one seen on Cisco Ramon's t-shirt (from the TV show "The Flash"). It said;
    Haikus are easy
    but some of them don't make sense

    I love haikus. Thanks for the winter poems!

  2. That is an awesome Haiku! I can see why it is your favourite. Thanks for the comment!! Wish you could have come skiing with me too.