Wednesday 22 March 2017

Writing Holiday: A Visit to Storybrooke

As a writer, I find it's easy to get stuck in a pattern. Writing at the same time of day, in the same place, with tea on hand is often a good way to keep the story going. But sometimes, a break in in the pattern is refreshing, life-giving, and inspirational.

On March 21, I had the opportunity to visit Steveston in Richmond, B.C. It was filming day on Moncton street for Once Upon A Time (OUAT) on Moncton St. I've been watching OUAT since its inception and now my kids are hooked as well. Steveston is a picturesque and interesting place to visit whether you're a Oncer or not. Here are a few recommendations, if you're ever in the area.

Take a walk down Moncton Street

Some of the signs from the show stay up year round, while others are are only in place for filming.

Building used at Storybrooke Library.
Photo S.Adkins

Storybrooke Shoestore and Five and Dime
Photo S.Adkins

Mr. Gold's Pawnshop
Photo S.Adkins
Filming Day

If you want to visit Steveston on an OUAT filming day, check out Richmond Tourism's Facebook Page or Twitter Feed. They post filming dates a few days beforehand. If you plan to watch, be prepared to stand quietly where security staff direct. My kids find this tedious, so we take plenty of breaks between takes to shop, eat, and walk.

 Spoiler alert!  We saw a couple of scenes from future episodes.  What can they mean?

Mr. Gold and a mysterious woman standing in front of an ambulance
Photo S. Adkins

Why is Henry in a neck brace?
Photo S. Adkins

Steveston and Richmond boast hundreds of unique shops. After three visits, we've only begun to explore. Tourism Richmond (aka Storybrooke Post Office) has excellent officially licenced OUAT merchandise.  Nikaido (aka Standard Clocks) has delightful tea blends, pretty tea sets, exquisite pens, and fine paper products. The kids enjoy the collection of toys offered at Splash Toy Shop (aka Five & Dime Neighbor's). No visit with children is complete without a visit to the Candy Dish where you can get everything from Taffy to Fudge to OUAT-inspired confections. It's Posh is another great shop filled with unique Canadian-made gifts, OUAT necklaces, and antiques.

It's Posh
Photo S. Adkins
Food and Coffee

We loved eating at Cannery Cafe (aka Granny's Diner). The interior is not the same as in the show, but you can order Emma's favourite - Grilled Cheese!
Granny's Diner
Photo S. Adkins
This time, we tried Dim Sum at East on One. They offer live seafood, fast and friendly service, and affordable prices. We highly recommend the deep fried shrimp dumplings!
East on One
Photo S. Adkins
Steveston Coffee Co. (aka Storybrooke Coffee) offers a Dark Swan Latte and cozy atmosphere while Rocanini Coffee Roasters Cafe provides siphon coffee, a full espresso bar, and kid's hot chocolate.

In case you totally want to nerd out with Jane Austen Connections. . .

In conclusion, I couldn't help wondering if Once Upon a Time has any Jane Austen connections. For an interesting read on secret clues within the show, try the Sharp Elves Society blog here: Theory of Jane Austen Once Upon a Time Connection

The show's spinoff, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, featured an episode where Alice is introduced to Mr. Darcy as a potential suitor. (How did I miss this??)

I figured there must be some crossover between actors on Once and any Jane Austen related film, but the closest I could come up with is Maggie Grace who starred in the Jane Austen Book Club as well as on Lost with many of the other Once actors including Regina (Lana Parrilla), Belle (Emilie de Ravin), and Zelena (Rebecca Mader). If anyone can add to this, please leave a comment!

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