Monday 6 March 2017

Book Review: Jane and the Man of the Cloth
This is the second book in the Jane Austen Mystery Series by Stephanie Barron.  I'm afraid I've read them out of order,
but I think each book gives enough information to stand alone.  Once again, Barron does an excellent job of fitting the book into what we know of Austen's actual past.  Barron uses footnotes to point out where her imagined story fits into historical fact.  I greatly enjoy this mixture of fact and fiction.

Jane and the Man of the Cloth is set in historical Lyme and the mystery begins with the overturning of a carriage on the road between Bath and Lyme.  Jane's sister Cassandra is badly injured and they are forced to stay the night at a stranger's house at High Down Grange.  His manners are rough and barely civil, but Jane, Cassandra and their parents survive the night and make their way to Wings Cottage in Lyme.  Shortly afterwards, Jane wakes to find a man dead, hanging from a gibbet along the Cobb.  Jane's natural inquisitiveness plunges her back into her role as amateur detective.

I enjoyed the story, the setting and the characters.  It wasn't a quick read, but one that was worthwhile.  I always imagine it must be a delight to write these imaginative tales.  I agree with Stephanie Barron that Austen would have made a fine sleuth.


  1. Jane Austen the sleuth! I must read this book!! Thanks for the tip. I can't get enough British mysteries these days. Almost through Foyles war TV series. Excellent! Just finished "The Husband's Secret". Also, a bit of a mystery but very hard to put down.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jen. You should probably start at the beginning of this series with Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor. Good to know there are still lots of British Mysteries out there for me to enjoy!