Friday 8 January 2016

Something new for the New Year

I've never been a big fan of New Year's Resolutions.  Last year, I decided to make only one resolution - to order french fries with my meals.  (This was based on a comedy sketch I heard somewhere that I can not find now!!  If you find it on the internet, let me know and I will include a link here.)  I did it only once.  Then I reverted to eating my husband's fries.

This year, I made my family give one resolution while we shared a New Year's meal in my mom's kitchen.  For this year, mine was slightly less ridiculous.  I resolved to write a story in a different genre.  Ever since my kids fell in love with graphic novels, I've wanted to make my book Subgirl into a graphic novel.  Now is my chance!
Two of my kids' favourite authors: Raina Telgemeier with Ann M. Martin and Jeff Kinney
First, I had to search for a pencil that was actually sharp.  My kids have total dominion over all office supplies in our house.  They are scattered throughout the house and hunting anything down takes perseverance and determination, but I finally collected these tools.  Also, my hubby picked up this awesome Sharpie Fine Tip pen.  Thanks honey!

Then I froze up and decided to watch a couple of youtube videos on how to write a graphic novel. 

I also read this article.  Then I ignored a lot of the advice and just started to draw.  I'd already sketched out an idea while I was waiting for our plane to take us home.  So, I drew 4 boxes and illustrated a character from my novel, Subgirl.  I fought through the nagging doubts that I was wasting my time and that it looked nothing like what I had envisioned.  It helped that it was fun.  Then I snapped a photo and sent it to my friend Katie, who I knew was also hoping to sketch more in the new year.  
Illustration of Faith Hairpin from Subgirl, by Samantha Adkins
She could relate to feeling like and idiot and wrote out a beautiful description of herself, sketching after her husband went to bed so he couldn't see how silly she was.  I was instantly inspired to create another comic strip of the scene and came up with the following

Illustration of feeling like an idiot whilst drawing, inspired by Katie Kenig, drawn by Samantha Adkins
(The cat's book says "How to Freak Out Your Person."  His phone says "Creaky Door Sound" hehehe)

Does that count as completing my New Year's Resolution?  I'm not sure if I'll be drawing any more comic strips, but I might.  It never hurts to make yourself laugh.  Even if I'm the only one laughing!

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  1. I love it!! Totally counts for your resolution, but I think you should keep working on a graphic SubGirl interpretation!!