Wednesday 5 August 2015

Cassandra and Jane: A Jane Austen Novel by Jill Pitkeathley Review

This was a thoroughly enjoyable book imagining the relationship between Jane and Cassandra Austen. It was well-researched and creatively written. I especially liked the fictional relationship between Jane Austen and Rev. Atkins at Lyme.

I find it so difficult to make sense of the unconnected details that are provided about Austen's life. It was nice to have someone make a story of them. Of course, I'm not really clear on what is true and what isn't, but then one can't always be sure that nonfiction provides the whole truth either. 

I occasionally found endearments between the sisters a bit much, but perhaps this is how they actually wrote and spoke to one another. Maybe I'm just too much of a hardened 21st century reader for such sisterly affection. Altogether, I found the book agreeably thought-provoking.

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