Tuesday 6 August 2013

Nom de Plume

I'm planning on using a nom de plume for my next book.  I have several reasons for doing so.  Firstly,because I am a teacher and I don't want my young students reading material that is inappropriate.  This is not to say that this is some kind of racy adult content.  There are a few curses to represent the types of characters I have created, and are other things that just aren't appropriate for elementary students.  Secondly, my husband is a pastor.  This is not to say that my book has anything that is anti-Christian, but all writing is open to interpretation and can be taken out of context.  And thirdly, I'm worried people will assume that my character's life is my life.  Or course, I write from my experience, but the young man in my book IS NOT MY HUSBAND and the girl in the book, though she has similar likes and dislikes and life experiences IS NOT ME.
      Also, it's been fun coming up with another name.  It came to me last night when I was trying to sleep.  Of course I won't post it here, but if you'd like to know, feel free to ask me privately and I might just give you a hint:)  
      This novella is one that's been sitting for many years.  I attempted publishing it several times, have worked on it with a writer in residence at the Saskatoon Public Library and am now planning to self-publish.  Why publish something you wrote years ago that has never been seen by the public eye?  I began writing my book in August 2002 in a green Hilroy notebook.  My book idea began “A 20-year-old writer is drowning in a young, Canadian poverty. . . The girl strives to break (her and her boyfriend) out of their cycle of poverty by writing. 
      I have published five books since writing this novella.  I’ve given up on it many times, but it calls out to me on arbitrary nights and I thought it might stop haunting me if I let if out into the world.  Perhaps it will leave some room in my mind for new ideas and stories to hatch.
      Since this story is a novella, it allows room for me to include some of the short stories I’ve worked on over the years.  They are presented in the order in which I wrote them.  I see a real development as they go from lighter to darker.  I blame (or give credit to) my growing age.  Each year brings me closer to death, so rather than ignore the fact, why not explore it? Five of the short stories began at Writing Group and I must give thanks to this delightful group for creating with me.  There is something so exciting about scribbling away in the midst of talented writers.
       What do you think about using a pen name and have you ever tried it?

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