Saturday 3 November 2012

Zombiekins Review

Stanley Nudelman finds a cute little zombie stuffy while shopping at the local witch’s yard sale.  He takes it home where his dog freaks out, but he thinks nothing much of it.  The next morning, all of his sister’s toys are mangled and ripped apart, so he takes Zombiekins to school.

Zombiekins is a fun read full of fantastic illustrations.  I’m pretty sure Bolger’s goal of reaching boy readers will be met with this tale.  I would not recommend it for younger readers as it is rather violent in parts. 

As an adult reader, I found the descriptions of teachers and especially Kindergarten very entertaining.  A favourite quote would be “In the Playhouse, one boy was pretending to be the kind of daddy who liked to wear an apron and bake mud pies, whil the girl he was playing with was pretending to be the kind of mommy who liked to throw dishes and yell at you to get a job (p. 97). “  Bolger certainly knows school culture!  His description of the staff room is also hilarious. 

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