Sunday 28 October 2012

Book Review: Hanging On To My Dreams

By: Arnold Henry, Saint Lucia’s First NCAA Division I Freshman Basketball Player

            This book is Arnold Henry’s autobiography of his basketball journey.  He was born and raised in Saint Lucia where he discovered his passion for basketball and then went on to be given a full scholarship to attend a military college in the U.S.  From there, he was chosen to join the University of Vermont NCAA team.  Unfortunately, accomplishing this dream did not turn out as well as Henry had hoped.

            I bought this book because I have met Arnold Henry, not necessarily because I am a big basketball fan.  I was most intrigued by his description of life in Saint Lucia and then his struggles coping with life in the United States.  I was appalled by the amount of racism he encountered, especially from coaches and fellow teammates.  I was saddened by his deep homesickness and loneliness throughout his journey.  It seems that schools that recruit international students should be better equipped to help them through the culture shock they experience. 

            He writes a very compelling story that earnestly captures his desire to improve his game, become part of a team, find love and provide for his family.  The ending leaves many questions unanswered and I hope a sequel will follow this captivating debut. 

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