Monday 20 August 2012

Book Review - Changing Heaven

For book two of my Canadian Book Reading Challenge, I decided to read Changing Heaven by Jane Urquhart.  I read The Stone Carvers and The Underpainter a number of years ago and was ready to read more by this lyrical writer. 
            I came into the story blind to anything about it and I’d hate to spoil its charm by giving too much away here.  Basically, this book tells the stories of many characters related in some way or another to Emily Brontë.  The story is told through several narrators, which I personally enjoy. 
            Changing Heaven is beautiful, whimsical and poetic.  It is “a book about the wind, about the weather.”  How sweet is that?  I wish I could write like this!  It is captivatingly Canadian with its dedication to weather and descriptions of landscape.  It is lovely and enchanting. 
            As in The Stone Carvers and The Underpainter, Changing Heaven focuses on art and the artist.  Urquhart writes of painting with depth and understanding.  I can only deduce that her marriage to artist, Tony Urquhart, is cause for much inspiration!               
            I’d love to discuss this book with someone who has read it.  So much beauty and sadness to dissect.

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