Sunday 12 August 2012

Book Review - Aberrant by Jo-Anne Sieppert

I have finished my first Canadian book as part of the Canadian Book Challenge.  Here is my review, as seen on Goodreads:

Delilah is a high school student with a big problem.  The Painfully Perfects, a group of rich, beautiful and popular students, are slowly and steadily torturing her.  From teasing to laughing, from tripping to duct-taping her hair to a bus seat, the Perfects won’t leave Delilah alone.  Her only reprieve is after school and weekends.

Delilah’s parents are rarely home to notice her unhappiness.  One night, she rows out to a deserted island to get away from it all.  She enjoys the peace and quiet until she hears a voice.  After overcoming her initial surprise, she is pleased to find a friend in the voice, named Jack.  She returns several times to continue talking to Jack, but he never shows himself.

Back at school, the Perfects are increasing their bullying tactics and pull down her pants in front of the entire gym class.  How will Delilah ever face school again?

Aberrant keeps the reader guessing through clever twists and developments.  Just when you think you’ve solved one mystery, another one appears.  It is written for a young adult audience, but is interesting for an adult reader as well.
Aberrant uses a lot of dialogue, which helps bring the characters to life, but occasionally slows down the plot.  Delilah is an empathetic character, though her swift mood-changes are a bit dizzying at times. 

This is a creative, entertaining book that kept me turning pages.

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