Saturday 19 March 2011

An Austenific Saturday

I was able to participate in one of my favourite activities today - a meeting of The Jane Austen Society of North America, Calgary Branch.  Today we heard from Dr. Diana Patterson about Josiah Wedgwood and from Michelle Agopsowicz about the theme of charity in Austen's works.

Having recently finished reading Jane Eyre, I considered the similarities between the story of Jane Eyre and the story of Mansfield Park.  Of course, I'm aware of the tensions going between Austen and the Brontes, but I love them all and so I will dare to post a few of the similarities I realized today:

Both Jane Eyre and Fanny Price were left as children to the care of rich relations.  Both women were very concerned with morality.  Both were courted by two very different men.  They each had the choice between a 'bad boy' of fortune and a minister of comparatively less fortune.  

An altogether inspiring day and now I have begun work on a youtube video of my book, Expectations: A Continuation of Pride and Prejudice.  What fun! 

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