Saturday 22 October 2022

Author Interview L.H. Stone

 L.H. Stone is the author of two Holly Bender Escapade novels. In a cross between a Maeve Binchy and a Steven King novel, L.H. Stone combines small town goodwill, comic misunderstandings, and a chilling murder mystery. Cozy mystery or women's fiction, this series will keep readers guessing and laughing. 

Into The Bend

Stone recently released Follow The Bend, the second novel in the series. In this novel, Holly Bender learns she is about to lose her job and takes action by purchasing a building. She's always wanted to own a bookstore. Her loyal friends in W.A.K.S., Women Always Knitting, Society, try to protect Holly from her own scheme, but she has plans for them! When the furniture starts to move and dead bodies appear, they must join together to keep their new venture from collapsing.

Follow The Bend

L.H. Stone is a close friend and integral member of my writing community. I am thrilled she agreed to answer my questions about her latest release.

Adkins: How would you describe Holly Bender and where did you come up with her as a character?
Stone: Holly Bender is in her thirties now. She’s of the generation who’s not afraid to go out and try things, explore to find out where she fits, or wants to fit. I came up with her as I was writing in my journal (I love pen and paper) and I had nothing new to add to the page. So I invented someone to write about. I have a daughter about the same age, so in my journal I started writing about a young lady, gave her a few friends to talk to, and some moms and set them out into the world to see what would happen. I did this all tucked away in the safety of my journal. I added to it everyday. Just for me.
Adkins: Did you always see your Holly Bender Escapade books as a series? 
Stone: No, I didn’t see it as a series. It was only after people read Into the Bend and started asking when the next book would be coming did I start thinking of what it could be.
Adkins: What do you love about writing? 
Stone: I love the what ifs, or what could be of writing. A lot of the time it surprised me what comes onto the page.
Adkins: What are your biggest hurdles in writing and how do you overcome them?
Stone: Doubting myself and ability. I try and get brave and write like no one will read it. I write for me, for my eyes.
Adkins: I love the word "Escapade" to describe your books. I would describe them as a quirky combination of humour, mystery, and adventure. How do you do this?!
Stone: Life should be, or we can dream, that life can be an adventure, that we will laugh and wonder and have fun stepping into it all because we can watch Holly step out but always be surrounded with her safety net of the W.A.K.S. Women Always Knitting Society and wish we were a fly on the wall or sitting there knitting with them. I know I do.

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