Saturday 19 January 2019

Poetry with Lorna Crozier

I had the absolute pleasure of attending a poetry workshop on my own little island last weekend
with Lorna Crozier. She's a wonderful teaching and enthralled us with the history of poetry, including several readings of poetry from different writers.
Lorna Crozier on
Our writing assignment was to write a poem of 7 lines beginning with the final line from another writer's poem. We were to come to a stop at the end of each line. Here are my attempts:

(First line from Linda Gregg's "The Woman who looks for her lost sister she says" from Too Bright to See)
"No," she said, "It's too late for flowers Dear."
Yet, there they were.
Waiting, helpless, in my hand,
Clutched round thick stems.
Dripping milk poison down my elbow.
I pry my fingers from the thorns,
No one to help me.
Mouth drying, fingers oozing.
I lie down, panting, at her grave.

Rodeo Queen
(First line from Linda Gregg's "No More Marriages" from Too Bright to See)
They're never going to do that to me.
A sequined woman, shivering in mud.
Grasping a hockey stick,
That was never going to save me,
From a life of obscurity.
She rose, gasping,
With laughter, full of life.
A pig squealing out from under her.
The crowd cheers.

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