Friday 7 December 2018

Anne Perry at Surrey International Writers' Conference 2018

I was so fortunate to attend the Surrey International Writers' Conference this year. By the time I
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signed up, only Sunday was left as an option, but even a half day at this special conference is life-giving. There were so many highlights, but with my limited writing time lately, I want to make sure to remember the closing remarks from the talented and prolific writer, Anne Perry. I hope she doesn't mind my paraphrase of her words. I typed them into my phone on the Skytrain on the way home from the conference. Here's what I remember of her talk on the magic of writing:

"I want to share the best and worst moments. The Louvre at sunset. White roses in the moonlight and the sound of a Nightingale. 

"In my series set in WWI, I wondered what the chaplain would say to the man who saw his friend blow to bits the day before. I heard the story of a man at a conference who had lost his son to suicide. The worst situation imaginable. His minister visited every day and said nothing. Then every other day, then a couple times a week then as few times a month. Then I found what my character would say. 'You've been through hell and I will be here for you.' 

"A book is a companion during a bad time. Be there for your readers. Tell your story and tell is honestly. There was a homeless man at a conference in Portland who was spending his only $20 on my book. I need to be there for him. Like a hand in the darkness."

Thank you Ms. Perry for these strong and inspiring words. 

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