Tuesday 1 March 2016

Surviving the Rain in a Rain Forest

In all kindness and concern, people warned us that the rain can be a cause of depression while living where we do.  Everyone who lives here has a variety of strategies for dealing with weeks and months of gray skies and rain.  I've been trying to take their advice.  

Some of the ones I like are, go outside anyway.  I've collected various rain gear, not all matching, to allow myself to do so.  I will continue working on my collection so I may one day also look slightly less ridiculous when I get out!  

Another one is to think of all the good that the rain does.  I tried this one out on the kids while we waited for the bus in the rain.  I was impressed with what they came up with. 

I've added my own, probably inadvertently stolen, which is to take pictures on the sunny days to remind myself of what lies beneath.  Here are a few to share on this rainy day.

The lovely Seawall

Flowers in February

Sunny Beach 1

Sunny Beach 2

A sunset on February 8

I'd love to hear some more ideas.  What do you do to chase away the winter blues?

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