Tuesday 21 July 2015

Survivor: Writer's Edition

I had this incredible idea at the beginning of Summer Vacation.  It seemed so awesome.  I wished it would come true.  Then I sketched out the idea and shared it with my sister and it suddenly seemed really lame.  Lame or not, in case there is some merit in the idea, I have decided to write my first blog entry in 10 months about my idea for a Writer's Reality Show.

I'm a dedicated fan of Survivor, Amazing Race and Masterchef, but especially Survivor.  So I was thinking, why not have a reality show about writers?  Sure, we aren't as flashy and outlandish as musicians and actors, but you could dress us up and add some drama to spice up the long hours at the keyboard. So, here's my plan.  I give full rights to whoever wants to produce this show.  As long as you let me audition.

Episode 1:  The Pitch.  In my dream world, writers have have 1 minute to pitch their story.  Agents and publishers choose the top 12.  We promise to cry if you don't pick us.  There may also be some storming off and paper-ripping.

Episode 2:  Writers are given five days to write the first five chapters of their novel.  The stress!  The drinking!  They excessive napping.  Actors are brought in to act out these chapters.  Probably need some screenwriters too . . .  The agents and publishers eliminate two of the writers.

Episode 3:  The ten remaining writers are assigned to different writing rooms.  The two top writers get a writing suite complete with top of the line computer, posters of their favourite writers and inspirational quotations.  The next top writers get a smaller room with a view.  The next four share an office with cubicles and the bottom two have to write in some kind of prison-like cell.  There may also be some food rewards and meetings with published authors.  Will the prisons inspire better writing or does a writer do best in a beautiful suite?


Episode 4:  After five more days, actors act out the next five chapters of each author's writing and two more writers are eliminated.

Other Features:
Writers Group:  Writer's meet together to share their work.  They criticize or encourage one another depending on their mood.
Extra assignments:  At any moment, concentration may be broken by a required assignment in another genre, a blog or a writing prompt.  Prizes for the winners!
Cover Design:  Whose book looks the best?
Book Launch:  Does the rest of the world think these books are interesting.
Book Signings:  Who gets the most visitors?

The show continues until there are only two writers left.  Then audience participation helps to seal the top vote and ultimate prize: $1 000 000 and a writing contract!!

I would watch this for sure!  Hopefully my dream will someday become a reality. 


  1. I love this idea! I would definitely audition as well!!!

    Also, yay for blogging again! <3

    1. Thanks Katie! It took me a while, but I'm back:)