Saturday 7 June 2014

Of The Dragonfly

I’m going to disregard the rules of book reviews (if there are any) and write this review as the story of how I know Audrey Gene.  I wouldn’t normally do this, but meeting her had a lot to do with how eager I was to read her book. 
            Audrey showed up at our writer’s group a few years ago and was filled with ideas and knowledge about self-publishing.  Every writer who comes to our group is unique and fascinating, but Audrey was special in that she was so positive and energetic.
            She wouldn’t tell us much about the book she had recently finished writing and was now seeking to publish.  In fact, until I read a blurb about the book years later, all I knew was that it was aimed at a YA audience and that there was something fantastical about it.
            Audrey wasn't able to make it to many other meetings, but she came to one of my book signings, with a gift no less, and we communicated occasionally on Twitter and Facebook.  She is very kind and obviously passionate about all aspects of writing.  It was she who talked me into joining Twitter to promote my books. 
            I understand she went through many ups and downs in her publication voyage.  When I first met her, she was labouring to edit her book.  The time and effort she put into this endeavor is obvious in the finished product.  She also struggled with putting herself out there and admitting she was a writer to the rest of the world.  I am so pleased that she has overcome these hurdles to present Of the Dragonfly with poise and confidence. 
            Of the Dragonfly is as unique as Audrey.  It is a love story with a fantastical beginning.  It is filled with dreams, mystery and action.  She has created an adventure book that grabs her reader’s imagination.  I hate to give away anything, but it is a perfect escape from the corporate world to a freer, more intriguing world of beaches, dolphins and gangs.
            I highly recommend this as the perfect summer beach read or the exact antidote needed to get you through long, cold winter evenings.  Well done, Audrey!

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