Tuesday 1 January 2013

Jane and the Barque of Frailty


This book is a real treat for fans of Jane Austen and mystery books alike.  The Barque of Frailty is book nine in Barron’s Being A Jane Austen Mystery series.  I wish I had started at the beginning, but I will certainly enjoy going back to the start. 
Barron does a brilliant job of weaving together the facts of Austen’s life with her imagined world of political intrigue – her research is superb.   Austen does not play a typical murder mystery detective, but rather uses her wit and imagination to get her and her family out of a troubling situation. 
Like Austen’s books, Barron’s is filled with fascinating characters and clever dialogue.  She does an excellent job of providing motive, mystery and mayhem for each character.  I found the “solution” ending both inventive and perplexing.  Barque of Frailty on Amazon

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