Sunday 23 December 2012

Mozart's Ghost

I chose this book for many reasons: It’s set in New York, a place I’d love to visit.  Emma, the main character is a teacher, like me.  Her love interest, Edward, is a pianist who plays Mozart and, as a little twist, Mozart’s ghost haunts their apartment building.  It looked and sounded like a cozy winter read.  Unfortunately, I found myself angry with Emma a lot of the time.

I was alarmed at first to learn that Emma is a Medium who communes with the dead as a side job.  I usually stay away from anything dark and sinister, but Cameron explained and showed the ghosts in such a way as to make them seem like the living.  It’s just that most people can’t see them, a bit like Sixth Sense, but not nearly as riveting. 

The main conflict in the book involves Emma’s relationship with her apartment neighbour, Edward.  Edward has moved to New York for a year to study classical music and prepare for a piano competition.  Emma finds herself speaking to him in ways that suprise her.  Long before Emma realizes it, the reader knows she is in love with him.  Many supposed problems complicate what seems like an easy romance – he likes her, she likes him.  The most believable problem is that she doesn’t want to disclose that she speaks to ghosts, as this has turned away all of her boyfriends in the past.  Unfortunately, this reticence drags on for so long that I said at one point “I can’t wait until this book is over!”

Emma and Edward are both endearing and well-drawn characters.  However, I found that their romance as the main interest in the book was lacking.  It might work better as a ninety-minute romantic comedy.  Descriptions of New York in the fall were nice, but nothing new.  Emma’s dedication to vintage clothing and anti-technology lacked freshness.  Maybe she’s just a bit too much like me.  I think a main character needs a bit more spunk and a little less self-pity.  Mozart's Ghost on Amazon 

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