Sunday 1 July 2012

A Fleet of Fantasy

Though it may seem as though I haven't been writing much in my first year back teaching, in fact, my weekend efforts are beginning to amount to something.  I started with short stories, as I often do once I finish a book and look for my next project.  It was my goal to write one short story a month during the teaching months.  In October, I began a short story in writing group based on a prompt we were given "You always said dragons didn't exist . . ." but the story wouldn't end.  It kept going and keeps going.

Once again, I am venturing into unknown territory.  Fantasy fiction was something I had abandoned in favour of realism, but returning to the land of dragons and talking animals has been delightful.  And when I really think of it, how realistic is Jane Austen fiction?  Am I not slipping into the fantastical realms when I imagine what it was all like?

In my efforts, I have been revisiting favourite fantasy writers - C.S. Lewis, Madeline L'Engle and Lewis Carroll.  Yes, my book is aimed at children which is a natural fit for me, being a mother of young children and a teacher of the same.

I keep wondering if I should stick to one genre and get really good at it, but I only seem able to write what I am currently obsessed with.  What do you think about this?  Should a writer stick to one type of writing or should they cross borders, confident that they will be able to figure it out?  Margaret Atwood is an inspiration here.  From historical fiction to science fiction, she triumphs.  I treasure your comments:)  Thanks! 

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