Monday 5 September 2011

My other career

After seven years of subbing, applications and interviews, I have acquired a teaching job!  This is great and I'm thrilled, but I'm worried my writing will now move to the back burner.  I know it will. 

While I was typing out long range goals and lesson plans during the summer, I was also writing at a maddening pace.  I had begun a novel in April and was determined to have the first draft finished before school started. Goal acheived!  I did one read through with edits and have now passed it on to family members to read while I get to know my class and get on top of my planning. 

I hope to have my next book ready by spring.  I believe I mentioned that it has ties to Jane Austen's book Emma.  I can't wait to have it out and to get started on something new.  In the mean time, I'll be learning right along with my students and trying to fit in a little writing here and there.  Happy New School Year everyone!

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