Friday 24 June 2011

Weird things happen when you publish a book

Do you ever Google yourself?  It might be a bit egotistical, but it is interesting.  A few years ago, all I could find about myself was a reference to my time at Mount Royal College.  Now I find my books and other writings and one very strange item.  But first I have to back up. . .

A few months after I published Expectations: A Continuation of Pride and Prejudice I decided to take the plunge and send it to Andrew Davies, writer and director of all my favourite Austen film adaptations.  But how to find his address?  Google of course!  I was led to many different sites where I could pay to get his agent information OR, I could use an address I found for him in the U.K.  Perfect!  As a self-published author, I almost always go with the most cost-efficient route:) 

I wrote up a letter, which I thought rather witty, and at the end said something like “if you are not the Andrew Davies who wrote and directed Jane Austen’s movies, please feel free to keep my book as a gift, but kindly notify me by email so I can search for a different address.” 

A year passed.

I decided to Google my book, just to see if there was anything on the web I didn’t know about.  Then I found this link  Ha!  My book was for sale on ABE books for over $40.00.  I won’t quote directly from the sales pitch, but it was noted as a rare book with a personal inscription to Andrew Davies!  It was also marked as “unread”, which I found just a tad insulting.  If only they had read the book, I would feel better about the whole mess.  Anyway, I had a good laugh and next time, I’ll make sure to find Mr. Davies’ real address before sending him my book.


  1. Samantha, I assume you wanted to suggest Davies write a screenplay based on your book. I've wanted to do the same - would love to see a good P&P sequel made into a movie (mine preferably ;-) ). Perhaps a contest, with the winning book chosen for the movie. I figure eventually somebody will do it - do it well hopefully - because there probably won't be a second chance.

  2. Hi Shannon - Sorry I didn't comment back sooner - can't do it on my rusty old home computer!! A contest is a very fun idea. Maybe if someone did a good job on one sequel, people would want more! Thanks for reading!